I’ve been using my diva cup for 7 years. I have never had an issue with just utilizing a mild soap. Someone mentioned recently that you should not use ” oil-based” soaps, which I laughed off because all true soap is made from oil. Anything that isn’t, is a detergent. Then I checked the website for diva cup and it says the same thing she said.

Here’s what gets me about it. I induce soap. Soap manufacturers use silicone molds and it doesn’t injury the silicone. I actually think this is a marketing ploy to get women to throw away their perfectly good cups or to buy the expensive Diva wash. Has anyone ever ruined a beaker from using soap?

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So eating dinner with my sons( early 20 s) and we have always had open talks about many things. And I swear they have pissed me off bad. Long conversation short they literally believe a women’s vagina gets larger and looser everytime she has sex !! They LITERALLY ARE IN AGREEMENT ABOUT THIS! So I’m flabbergasted like wow wtf. I’m like ok so by your thinking when a lady has a child you think now her stuff is just blowing in the wind like a ripped up flag ??? They say no of course not that’s a natural function the body fixings the vagina. So at this phase I’m like huh wow how the hell are my own kids so damn ignorant. I told them you really believe a humen liitle peen somehow does untold eroding damage to a vagina WhIle at the same time a newborn does no injury? I was like wooooww please explain how the Physics of that add up. It builds no sense. I tried explaining a vagina does not work like that. I guess I just wonder why humen believe they have so much power. And I told them they will pass out if they ever watch a child born. Boy bye. Then I stepped out before I had to stab them with a fork.

EDIT: only to be clear my sons treat girls well. They are not out here spouting off misogynistic notions and behaviours on the daily. ordinarily they have their facts together. But this convo they actually fucked up. THEY ARE NOT OUT HERE ACTING LIKE BEN SHAPIRO. LOL.

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