I remember.

Not the date specifically, but sometime around the end of summer last year. I bought two large boxes of super plus tampax. And a pack of pads One for the bathroom upstairs and one that went into the trunk of my auto to stay because I ran at dominos as a delivery driver, and I had to make sure I had some with me at work as I could be in and out and spending most of my day on the road without much of a chance to get into the bathroom on busy nights so I had back up.

It’s strange when I stroll by the aisle now where I bought that stuff every month. It just seems so … outdated now. Like when you consider a rotary telephone at someone’s house.

I was a little reluctant to attain the switching at first and buying two boxes of tampons and a pack of pads comes within the framework of that. I just got so fed up with getting too swamped to use the bathroom when needed and feeling myself leaking the whole time even if it was into a pad. God, I hate that feeling.

The first week I got to use my cup, it was so great. I ran the full shift every day without any gross leaky sensations and was so much more comfy. My biggest concern was how comfy could a beaker be when I’m sitting down as I would be spending a lot of my work hours doing just that. Thats why I tried out my cup immediately as soon as it was sanitized even when I wasn’t on my period, merely to know how it would at least feel.

I didn’t have any difficulty at all inserting and getting it open and sealed. I was astounded at how easy it was and couldn’t understand why so many had trouble with it.

After my second cycle, I had a chance to talk to a coworker about it. She admitted she “ve thought about” switching too, but was too concerned about her IUD.

I tried to get my teenage niece in on it after my saalt arrived, but she was just too hesitant.

God, if these women who are skeptical knew how freeing and so much better it is…

I dreaded get my period in the past. I felt gross, dirty, tired, cranky, smelly, and no matter what I did, I could never fully protect my clothes, especially over night. And that dreadful feeling of leaking through your tampon and nowhere to go to fix it. I was at the movies with some friends and went back to their place. My first time getting to the bathroom in several hours and my underwear was completely drenched. It was so embarrassing!

Now I looked forward to receiving it. My only regret is I wish i had switched years ago. I’m in my mid 40 s now, thinking about how every period I get may be my last one. And it makes me super sad to think about.

Apologies for the long post.

[ B] Tl; dr [/ b ], bought my last tampons last year towards the end of summer. Switched over to beakers and never appeared back.

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My husband and I always schemed on having kids someday, but at the time, we weren’t ready for it. We weren’t very financially secure, and we were renting. We wanted to have a house of our own first. Our birth control method started with me on the pill and us employ the pull out method, but after multiple complications, switches of BC kinds, and 3 ER visits, I decided to stop taking it and we would use the pull out method alone. The pull out method ran great for us. We never had any collisions for years.

I aimed up get a little bit of baby rabies. As embarrassing as it is, I’m not going to lie about it. It happened. Idk why, but something in my body just screamed “procreate!” It get worse whenever I was ovulating. One day while my husband and I were having sex, I asked him not to pull out. I meant it kind of half serious/ half joking. I didn’t think he’d actually do it. Well he did. It was super close to my ovulation, I believe I was on day 13 of my cycle, and my cycles were always a little off( not always 28 days, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer) so within three hours after we had sex, we went to the drug store and I got and took Plan B.

Flash forward to the time of my expected period. There was no blood, but I felt all the other symptoms of my period. Cramps, lower back pain, tender breasts, headaches. I fully felt like I was on my period, there was just no blood. I figured that was because of the Plan B.* insert sarcastic laugh*

About a week and a half later, my husband and I went on a small trip a few hours away with my dad so they could pick up some equipment for one of their reciprocal pastimes. On the way home, we stopped for lunch at a really cool oyster bar. My dad and I had been there multiple times and I got what I always ordered. After we left, I felt sick to my stomach for the first time after having this meal, and I ended up dead tired and passing out in the car. When we finally got home, my stomach was incredibly upset and I thought I had food poisoning. I was so tired and sick.

The upset stomach went away within 24 hours, but I was still so fricken tired all the time. I objective up passing out while sitting in my car in a parking lot on a 98 degF day. I have pernicious anemia, and thought it was because I was due for my B12 shot soon. Nope.

The final straw for me was when I went to go make a salad a few days later. I love spinach. I been set up the receptacle of just-bought spinach and nearly vomited from the smell. It smelled utterly horrible. If you’ve ever opened up a receptacle of spinach that’s about to go bad and you can kind of smell it -it was like that but x 100. I was gagging and nearly vomited as I searched this crisp, fresh spinach for rot. My husband came in and smelled it, and said he couldn’t smell anything.

The next day, I took 3 pregnancy tests. And sure enough, on every single one, there was a faint positive line. I made an appointment with my doctor to get a blood test done for confirmation. I was 5-6 weeks pregnant. Turns out, Plan B doesn’t work if you are already ovulating.

I considered abortion, but as we were already planning on having children, it didn’t run any further than some discussion between my husband and I, and I/ we decided to go through with it. We had 9 months to get our crap in order to better, and we did. And now we have a beautiful 9 month old daughter.

Figured I’d post this here for anyone wanting to read a real life experience if they are late/ have a missed period, took emergency contraceptive, and thinks they might be pregnant.

Edit: I guess a lot of people are shocked to find out that Plan B doesn’t work if you take it while you’re ovulating. I found out when I talked to my doctor about me taking it and inquired about it potentially hurting the baby. She told me it won’t harm anything if you’re already pregnant, won’t work if you’re ovulating( because it avoids ovulation from happening, can’t do that if it already happened ), and that if you’re above a certain weight( I can’t remember what weight it was) it will not be very effective and some women would have to take two doses. A pharmacist should be more knowledgeable about the proper dosage for your weight, for any larger women out there that might read this.

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Sorry guys – this post has get traction because it resonated with a lot of people but the mods have locked it indefinitely.

I posted this question to understand what a moment felt for many girls after I find my own sister wince. It’s small question but the response has been powerful. I feel a lot of people can be heard and a lot of people like myself can learn.

Hopefully if they open this sooner rather than later, we can hear more experiences and remarks geared towards the question in hand. I am not sure exactly why this question in particular has been locked for this long.

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This is a classic technique used by authoritarian and autocratic regimes to get away with war crimes, genocide, etc.

Cause so much chaos and so many shit indicates at once that people become numb to the inhumanities that are going on.

It has been three weeks since we learned that there have been forced hysterectomies at the concentration camp for undocumented immigrants. They are actually sterilizing people they consider to be the undesirables. This is fucking genocide. Being committed by the government of the fucking united states .

Nothing altered. No one is even talking about it anymore.

This is, by definition, actual fucking genocide.

And I will be goddamned if I let this shit get swept under the rug and forgotten about.

Keep talking about it. Keep screaming about it. Keep stimulating people uncomfortable.

EDIT : I will post a few connections about it.

New York Times


Washington Post

EDIT 2 : some people are saying this was just a rogue doctor .. not the United Nation government. Who the fucking was paying that physician? Mmmmhmmm, yep. The fucking government.

Who the fucking set these women in concentration camps where they could potentially be subjected to such inhumane treatment? The fucking government.

Some of you are saying it isn’t genocide. The UN definition of genocide clearly defines any attempt to prevent specific groups from giving birth as genocide. This would fucking quality.

Some of you are saying it wasn’t on a mass scale. I don’t give a fuck if it was 5 forced hysterectomies or 55,000, each and every goddamn instance is an act of genocide.

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