Maybe not bad women’s anatomy but still in this kind of area and principally a funny one.

I’m a 4′ 11 mixed race girl and was talking about the issue of buying clothes to my friend, also a woman. Although it’s not too difficult to find clothes, stores have different ideas on sizing so sometimes I fit a sizing 6, sometimes a size 4. But in such cases I tried in a sizing 4 skirt and it was too big, which was a first, and honestly it kind of fretted me. So I’m chatting to your best friend about the general issue of sizing when our friend who’s a guy pops in “but you’re not a petite blonde, why are you shopping in the petite section”.

We then had to explain to him that petite is actually only an adjective to describe small things and doesn’t merely apply to certain women in porn. I still dont understand how he assumed stores would have a section specifically for any particular build and hair colour.

Edit: the conversation was mainly about sizing and how “petite” sections in certain stores are different.

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I have been pushing for a raise at work since February as I believed I am a hard and good worker and deserved it. Even though it is a pandemic, my job was able to give it to me! It was a 20% create from my original wage! I am a happy camper! I know it is common for women to be afraid or unwilling to negotiate or ask for more money, but just goes to show if you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

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